Crash Course in Politics

New to the conversation? Watch this 7-minute video on your commute home from work today. The video is in partnership with PBS and provides an introduction to a video series about US Government and Politics. It will help you ask questions you may already have or may not have known you had.

The second video posted in here is the 35th video in the series, but discusses something that comes up almost every single day in online forums, tv political pundit jargon, and other sources: “political ideology.” It helps define the terms “liberal (progressive),” and “conservative.”

One of the most important ways to participate in politics is by becoming informed, so that we are leading instead of being led by others who impose their views on us – it is at once the easiest and most difficult thing to do. But you can start here!

Teaser: Did you know we live in a Democratic Republic, and not a true democracy? 😉


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