GOP Healthcare AHCA – Today’s Call to Action

If there was ever a time to call your members of congress, it would be now. The House is set to vote tomorrow (!) on the AHCA, and there is still a good chance it passes this hurdle in the bill’s current form, which is a disaster.

Health policy experts and medical groups from both sides of the aisle have expressed their disdain for the bill in its current form. It guts Medicaid funding (which helps low-income people and children get health care), eliminates tax credits for those struggling to pay their premiums and instead gives huge tax breaks to the wealthy, and leads to weaker coverage protections for everyone.

One of our healthcare expert contributors here at DASHR works with the Protect Our Care coalition, which works prevent Paul Ryan from stripping  an additional 14 million more Americans of their health insurance by 2018, and net loss of 24 million by 2026, almost twice as many as under the current law*. They’re doing great work, but they need our help!

Please consider calling your representative today and tomorrow to tell them to Vote “No” on the AHCA.

The representatives that are on the fence:


Rep. Comstock (202) 225-5136
Rep. Wittman (202) 225-4261

Rep. Denham (202) 225-4540
Rep. Valadao (202) 225-5861
Rep. Cook (202) 225-5861
Rep. Knight (202) 225-1956
Rep. Issa (202) 225-3906

Rep. Shuster (202) 225-2431
Rep. Fitzpatrick (202) 225-4276
Rep. Meehan (202) 225-2011
Rep. Costello (202) 225-4315

If you want more information about what the AHCA is, what it changes about the ACA (Obamacare), and how it might affect you, here’s a link to an article we wrote a few weeks ago with a link to a very helpful video.

As always: LUMOS!

*Figures generated by the Congressional Budgeting Office (CBO)


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