Trump’s First 100 Days: What You Need To Know

The first 100 days’ tenure of the 45th POTUS, Donald J. Trump, has been nothing short of tumultuous, concerning, embarrassing, and filled with conflict. Disastrous raids, oversteps of authority, political missteps, war mongering, fraying of international relationships, failed legislation, hypocrisy, and misinformation (sorry… “alternative facts”).

Amnesty International has graciously provided a list of the 100 ways in which Trump has threatened human rights, broken down into 13 categories: Closing Borders and Shutting the Door to Refugees; Hate-Based Harassment and Violence; Emboldening – and Arming – Human Rights Abusers; Expanding Conflict and Driving Up the Number of Civilian Casualties Globally; Cutting Funds to a World in Crisis; A Cabinet Full of Human Rights Threats; Torture, Guanánamo, and Justice for the 9/11 Attacks; Indigenous Peoples’ Rights; Hostility Towards LGBT Rights; Criminal Justice, Gun Violence, and Policing; Attempts to Dismantle Women’s Rights and Reproductive Freedoms; Free Speech and Expression; and Rolling Back Critical Human Rights Protections.

Among the highlights: the travel ban directed at Muslim countries (and struck down by two Federal courts), which puts refugees, women, and children in mortal danger, and also causing international students to be discouraged from studying in the U.S.; an increase in hate-based violence and harassment against Muslim, Jewish, and other marginalized communities, which the White House has refused to take seriously; bombings and threats of war have been on the rise; assembling an awfully unprepared Cabinet; trampling on the rights of indigenous people at Standing Rock; the repeal of rights for transgender students and rescinding workplace rights for the LGBT community; re-instating the Global Gag Rule, likely causing an increase in maternal deaths around the world, and while curtailing reproductive rights in the US; calling out the media (historically the “watch dog” of the Federal Government) as “the enemy of the American people”; abandoning any steps to address climate change by rolling back EPA regulations; proposing a repeal of the Dodd-Frank bill, which is a bill that forces oil and mining corporations to publish their payments to foreign governments, helping mitigate corruption; trying to force the American Health Care Act through Congress (and will try again).

Our own Elizabeth Jane (Facebook name provided for anonymity) has diligently kept a blog, entitled “282 Promises.” Taken from her site, the explanation of its inception is as follows: “In the wake of the American presidential election, Jenna Johnson of the Washington Post compiled a list of 282 of Trump’s campaign promises. Every Friday until it is either no longer necessary or no longer possible, I will track the fulfillment of those promises.

The main ingredient in this blog is readable, usable fact-checking. I aim to provide an up-to-date, well-sourced point of reference for the promises (kept and otherwise) of the Trump Administration. It will feature some impact analysis — though more often, I will leave that to the experts — and donation/volunteering action items wherever relevant.” 282 Promises “[supports] accountability in American Democracy” — a much needed effort.

It’s been a roller-coaster, and these are just the highlights. The Trump presidency is impacting Americans in ways that haven’t even been reported yet. Time will show how damaging and lasting the influence of this presidency will be, but let’s hope it doesn’t go too far before causing irreparable harm. You can help by donating to the ACLU, SLPC, Amnesty International, IsraAID, PlannedParenthood, the Trevor Project, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, among countless others. Help light up the world. LUMOS.


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